For the past 10 years, the That Guy team has been working directly with POCs at DoD installations and locations around the world to prevent the junior enlisted population from becoming That Guy (or That Girl). We all know That Guy — the person who, after one too many drinks, loses control of self or situation with humiliating or embarrassing results. Together, we have seen success in reducing the rate of excessive drinking among junior enlisted service members since the campaign's launch in 2006.

As we continue to combat binge drinking together, one of the most effective That Guy campaign tools you can use to raise — and maintain — awareness of the negative consequences of excessive drinking at your installation is the That Guy Monthly Poster Series. That Guy campaign research indicates that posters are still one of the most effective tactics for capturing the attention of junior service members on installation.

Currently, three (3) unique That Guy Monthly Poster Series are available (see graphics below) for use by POCs and are packaged in sets of 120 posters… that's 10 posters for each month of the year in every pack.

To achieve the best results, simply:

  1. Order one (or all three!) of the That Guy Monthly Poster Series
  2. Hang and promote each month's posters in barracks/dorms and other environments where junior enlisted, 18-24-year-old service members spend their time (fitness centers/gyms, recreation centers, bars/clubs, etc.)
  3. Change out the posters each month to ensure that the content remains fresh, eye-catching, and relevant to the junior enlisted target audience. It's that simple!
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