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This spring we completed our fifth round of focus group testing with the target audience of E1 – E4, 18 – 24 year olds at Naval Station Great Lakes, Camp Lejeune, Nellis AFB, and Fort Sill. Research continues to play an important part of the campaign as we continually want to make sure our messages are on track and resonating with the target audience.

Some of the direct feedback this round included:

  • “It’s not forced upon us. It’s not an unreachable goal. It’s not saying, ‘Don’t drink,’ [it’s saying] just don’t make an ass out of yourself.” (Navy)
  • “You can go anywhere and people will tell you, ‘Don’t be That Guy.’ People are referring to the campaign.” (Marine Corps)
  • “Everyone hates hangovers, an empty wallet. You will never think of consequences before you go out…but the campaign makes you think about it more.” (Air Force)
  • “You can relate to a lot of the scenarios. You’re always going to have That Guy who messes it up for everyone else.” (Army)


That Guy Sticker Installation

Pictured above: That Guy Sticker installation.

Nicole Sizemore, Prevention Coordinator at Fort Riley, has been tirelessly promoting the campaign for more than two years and recently used her own funds to produce a That Guy sticker that will be applied to bar and restaurant bathrooms both on and off post. Nicole launched the design at the recent grand opening of their new state-of-the-art Warrior Zone on post and received tremendous feedback. Standing outside the men's restroom, she heard things like, "Holy crap, I thought that was a real person," "That will definitely get your attention," and "That’s a lot better than a poster.” Congratulations to Nicole and her ASAP team for coming up with yet another fantastic way to get the That Guy message out there!

Tony Saluzzo, Lead Prevention Coordinator at Fort Campbell, is one of That Guy’s champion POCs who has taken the campaign to another level with Soldiers returning from deployment. As the soldiers, returning from Afghanistan, process through the re-integration tables, Tony displayed playing cards, key chains, posters, and other materials on the tables for the soldiers to take. A big shout out from the That Guy team to Tony for all of his hard work!

That Guy Giveaways

Pictured above: Giveaway items at Fort Campbell.

Some of our POCs have found that adding That Guy materials to existing “swag bags” given to service members returning from deployment has been extremely successful in reaching the young enlisted at a pivotal moment.


Here are just some of the ways That Guy is making a mark and raising awareness:

“We are truly integrating That Guy into as many aspects of our community as possible, to make sure four major club systems, the warrior cafe, the USO, and Java Cafes all feature the table tents and hold That Guy activities. We even have a That Guy softball team!”

– Crystal Malloy, Prevention Coordinator, USAG Kaiserslautern

“We kicked off the That Guy Campaign at our annual Freedom Fest event last week that drew close to 3,000 people. The command is excited about this [campaign] and we have their full support.”

– Alan Muriera, Health Promotion Manager, Buckley Air Force Base


Do you have a success story or an interesting way to promote the campaign in your area? We want to hear about it! Visit the blog That Guy in action.

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Visit www.ThatGuy.com/Resources. This site is dedicated to you, a one-stop shop targeted at POCs responsible for rolling out the That Guy campaign at installations around the world. Here you can also quickly shop for FREE materials (including free shipping) and discover ways others are using resources to make a difference in their installation.

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