Enhance Your Alcohol Awareness Month Activities With The That Guy Campaign!

Download New Monthly Installation Marketing Plans And Order Materials Today

April is Alcohol Awareness Month…an ideal time to raise awareness of the consequences of excessive drinking! The “Don’t Be That Guy/That Girl” campaign is one tool in the DoD’s prevention toolbox that can help to raise awareness among junior service members to enhance Alcohol Awareness Month efforts at your installation. Be sure to order cost-free That Guy campaign prevention marketing materials today!

The That Guy campaign is designed to be a year-round prevention effort and campaign research shows it is most effective when implemented every month of the year. Alcohol Awareness Month 2017 is the perfect opportunity to kick off or expand your installation’s That Guy campaign prevention efforts.

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Download the NEW 12-Month Installation Marketing Plan and 12-Month Social Media Content Calendar from resources.thatguy.com/get-started
  2. Visit resources.thatguy.com and click on the “Get Materials” section to order materials
  3. The Campaign offers monthly-themed materials so be sure to use the April-themed That Guy campaign posters and social media content in relevant locations on your installation and on social media channels
  4. Distribute That Guy 2017 pocket calendars, playing cards, key chains, and other popular giveaway items during special events and at off-installation bars/clubs popular with junior service members
  5. Gain leadership approval and place a That Guy banner at your installation main gate (or other high visibility installation location) to drive maximum awareness. If your installation needs a That Guy banner contact [email protected] (available in limited supply)

Order And Download Materials!

ThatGuy.com Launches New Social Media Inspired Website Content

ThatGuy.com’s new Fail Files section highlights the consequences of That Guy/That Girl’s drunken antics in themed lists (also known as “listicles” which are popular with the target audience). The first list featured in this section is entitled “12 Things That Guy & That Girl Will Regret Tomorrow.” The Fail Files section will be updated regularly with new content to engage the target audience.

Give Us Your Feedback!

To help us better implement the campaign at installations around the world, we ask that you take a few moments to participate in a short survey. Your feedback is critical to the success of this campaign! There is no risk to you for taking part. Rest assured that your participation is voluntary and confidential. This survey is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. Thank you in advance for your feedback.