The That Guy Campaign is excited to announce the launch of the That Guy Buzzed Mobile Game.

That Guy Buzzed is a FREE action-style game developed for mobile devices and tablets including the iPhone, iPad, and Android. The game aims to educate the junior enlisted about the consequences of binge drinking by using an entertaining, engaging approach.

That Guy Buzzed emphasizes the concept of personal control when it comes to drinking alcohol.

Watch the Mobile Game Trailer Video


We need your help to get the word out about the free That Guy Buzzed game! All materials and assets to help promote the game are available on the POC Resource site. Visit:

  1. Order Mobile Game App Promotion Poster: Order the 17”x22” mobile game app posters and hang them in the dining halls, computer centers, MWR facilities, and anywhere else that the target audience keeps their smart phones handy for a quick, easy, and FREE download from Apple App and Google Play stores.
  2. Promote on Facebook: The campaign has game images and status updates to promote the game on your installation or department’s Facebook page.
  3. Game Trailer Video: What is That Guy Buzzed? How do you play? Watch the 30-second trailer video to learn more about what the campaign’s mobile game is all about. View the trailer online and get the embedded code to share it with E1 - E4s via your installation Web site and social media channels.
  4. Web Banners: Upload mobile game Web banners to your installation or department’s Web site and incorporate in electronic newsletter. Available in 4 sizes: 200x200, 250x250, 300x250 & 320x50. Linking instructions are included when you download the web banners.


The That Guy team continues to produce new materials for you to use at your installation, including “That Guy of the Month” and “FAIL” monthly poster series. Visit to see the new posters. Be sure to check back often as more materials will be available soon!

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