MARCH 2012, ISSUE 10

remains on track and resonates appropriately among this young population. The team was received enthusiastically upon each visit and That Guy continues to be rolled out and refreshed at installations around the world. It was enjoyable to see through your, the POCs, eyes how you view the campaign and how you have creatively woven it into your installation. The true That Guy experience is what you make it, and the tailored implementation seen globally speaks highly for the success across all services.


Enjoy a whole new set of reasons not to be That Guy with the redesigned playing cards and coasters. From the Drunk Jack to the Drama Queen to the Crazed King, each card offers another example of regrettable and avoidable behavior, whether you’re playing poker with friends or a quick game of solitaire. Additionally, the updated series of coasters share fresh anecdotes, great for the bar, the mess hall, or in the barracks. For these and all the latest That Guy campaign materials, be sure to visit the POC Resource Site.

That Guy Sticker Installation
Reasons Coaster

Remember to keep the new That Guy Campaign Checklist in mind while planning your installation’s activities throughout the year. The five-page campaign checklist makes it easier than ever to roll out That Guy in the most effective manner, with the do’s and don’ts of the campaign, recommended activities for exposure, and the best locations on installation to prominently display campaign materials.


Mobile Game

That Guy is developing a new mobile application in order to engage our target audience in the ever-growing digital age, while continuing to share the negative consequences of being That Guy. The That Guy mobile app will be a game that includes binge drinking messaging that reinforces the basic premise of the campaign: not everyone starts the night out as That Guy, but excessive drinking can lead to some unpleasant consequences. Game play involves guiding a character through a series of four drinking-related scenarios, with the goal of avoiding excessive drinking and becoming That Guy. With each drink comes a new obstacle or impairment making it harder to control the character. Stay tuned in the months to come for an announcement on when the game will be available to download. Until then, visit the mobile version of on your mobile device.


Embedded Video

The That Guy campaign recently teamed up with the Defense Media Activity’s American Forces Radio and Television Services (AFRTS) to create new That Guy video Public Service Announcements. AFRTS provides a broad range of high quality multimedia products and services to inform, educate, and entertain Department of Defense audiences around the world. This collaborative effort included filming “man on the street” interviews with young civilians and service members to hear why they don’t like, or want to be, “That Guy!” and why they try to avoid being around, dating, or becoming the person who gets incredibly drunk and makes a fool out of him or herself with negative consequences. These humorous and attention-grabbing videos featuring “real” people and their encounters with That Guy can be viewed by the target audience on the campaign’s Web site, or downloaded and used by you at local installation events or in locations where TV monitors are visible. Also, look for these thirty-second spots currently airing on American Forces Network and the Pentagon Channel. Thanks, AFRTS!


Here is what you are saying about how That Guy has made an impact right in your backyard:

“You guys are doing a great job! A good buddy of mine implemented That Guy at his command and successfully had zero ARI’s [Alcohol Related Incidents] for almost two years. The [campaign] works and I would like to implement it at SEAL Team FIVE.”

- LSCS Vincent Diega, Seal Team Five, NB Coronado

“My previous order for That Guy material was a huge success! Soldiers grabbed so much material when they departed for the holiday season that we couldn’t keep up. Now all units in my organization are dying to get their hands on more material to spread across their unit areas. Thank you very much for your timely delivery and your support to our organization.”

- MSG Terry Williams, Fort Lee

“Thank you. The soldiers and airmen especially love the playing cards! I have enough of those for now, but I saw that you had new coasters so I am looking forward to getting those.”

- Dr. Amy Stevens, Georgia National Guard

“I intend to create an environment of responsible use. I would like to demonstrate how not indulging in the use of alcohol is ‘cool’ in this day and age, and be able to show how over-indulging in substance abuse can lead to moments in life that you really wish could be taken back. Every Sailor needs positive reinforcement and a new way to relate, and the That Guy campaign does just that.”

- FCC(SW) Terence Jones, USS Hue City

“We use materials at Homecoming flights, bring them to training events, and distribute them on and off the installation. We here at Fort Campbell, appreciate what the That Guy [campaign] represents and what it does for our young soldiers. I’m really glad I can order online.”

- Tony Saluzzo, Fort Campbell, KY


Do you have a success story, or an interesting way you have been promoting the campaign in your area? We want to hear about it! Visit the blog That Guy in action. Tell us about how you’ve rolled out the campaign in your installation; share ideas for integrating That Guy and hosting events; and take the survey so we can find out what YOU think about the campaign!


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