That Guy Introduces New Videos for POCs

For the past seven years, the That Guy team has been working directly with you, the POCs, at installations and locations around the world, assisting you in preventing the young enlisted population from becoming That Guy. We all know That Guy – the one who, after one too many drinks, loses control of self or situation with humiliating or embarrassing results. Together, we have seen success in reducing the rate of excessive drinking among the junior enlisted.

Today, we are excited to share with you two brand new instructional videos that demonstrate best practices for implementing the That Guy campaign in your community!

First, the new “Introduction to That Guy” video will walk you through the history, development and growth of the campaign, its unique approach in addressing binge drinking, and the results that have been achieved.

Second, we have compiled a new “POC Tutorial” video that brings to life a number of our existing instructional guides, including the That Guy Campaign Toolkit and POC Checklist. This how-to video depicts the most effective ways for you to implement the campaign based on multiple years of research with the junior enlisted audience, along with some “Do’s and Don’ts” to keep in mind.

And as always, visit to order new materials, learn how POCs from around the world are implementing the campaign, and continue to prevent the junior enlisted at your installation from becoming That Guy!

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