July 2010, Issue 6


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Recently redesigned www.ThatGuy.com homepage


To make it easier for you to implement the campaign on your installation, we've updated our online POC resource center:
thatguy.com/resources. This special site is an online destination targeted at POCs responsible for rolling out the That Guy campaign at installations around the world.

The resource site provides information on the available FREE campaign materials, including a toolkit, marketing calendar, posters, collateral material and more. The site allows you to:

We encourage you to share your That Guy anecdotes and look forward to including you on the website!

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Let's face it, no one's really a "fan" of That Guy, but with the launch of a That Guy Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/ThatGuy, created for the young enlisted ages 18-24, we are stressing the message that it's not cool to be That Guy! This audience is also encouraged to interact with the campaign by providing their ideas and thoughts. The fan page includes an interactive quiz to help people recognize the signs of being That Guy, funny videos, posters and cartoons. Since launching four months ago, there are over 9,000 fans and almost 25,000 page views.

We encourage you to visit the page and help us promote it by:

  1. Announcing the That Guy Facebook fan page to your installation's fan page through a status note on Facebook.
  2. Add the That Guy Facebook fan page as one of the "favorite pages" on your installation's fan page. By doing this, a prominent logo and link to That Guy's Facebook page will appear on your installation's Facebook fan page.
  3. If you are in touch with young junior enlisted personnel, consider sending them a note encouraging them to visit the That Guy Facebook fan page to "become a fan."


Congratulations and sincerest thanks to our newest That Guy Champions who have been tirelessly promoting the campaign across the world.

Bryon McGainey, BOSS Coordinator at USAG Yongsan in Seoul, Korea: Put up That Guy posters on installation and used other promotional items at his BOSS events at other installations throughout South Korea.

That Guy Posters

Tony Saluzzo, Employee Assistance Program Coordinator, ASAP, at Fort Campbell: Distributed That Guy coasters to service members.

That Guy Coasters

SSg Edmund Perez, BOSS Program Coordinator at Fort Sam Houston: Branded the BOSS Zone with That Guy materials by blowing up campaign posters, coasters and static clings and creating a window wrap.

That Guy Coasters

Nicole Preston, MCCS-Semper Fit Health Promotion Director at Camp Pendleton: Created table tents using the That Guy cartoon artwork, as well as, "Evolution of That Guy" T-shirts.

That Guy Table Tents

Charlene Smith, ADCO at Fort Drum: Created towels and T-shirts using the That Guy coaster images and logo.

That Guy Tshirts

Tell us how you've implemented That Guy on your installation.


Have questions or comments about how to implement the campaign at your installation? Have a tip or best practice you'd like to share to help others introduce the campaign on their installation? Whatever it may be, we want to hear from you. Write to us at [email protected].


"The [reality series mini posters] were great. We had a lot of great responses. Some people thought it was gross, some thought they looked way too familiar. They were very real and that's what made the point."

— AZ1 Melody Colangeli, Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor, USS Boxer LHD-4

For more information e-mail [email protected] or visit www.ThatGuy.com/resources.

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