New 2015 That Guy Materials are in stock!

The That Guy team is excited to announce NEW That Guy posters and promotional items are now available!

Each year, the That Guy campaign creates new marketing materials to keep the content fresh and relevant to the 18-24-year-old (E1-E4) junior enlisted target audience. That Guy materials are tested with the target audience to ensure that the binge drinking messages and consequences resonate.

The 2015 That Guy marketing materials include several new poster series, including the latest installment of 12-monthly posters as well as community-friendly logo posters appropriate for all installation environments. In addition, 2015 promotional items include a new set of playing cards and new magnets. Learn more about these materials below!

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That Guy Field Guide
Monthly Poster Series

Inspired by the various "species" of That Guy, the That Guy Field Guide poster series features a humorous/ scientific take on the various types of That Guy or That Girl one is likely to encounter in "the wild." Particularly effective in the barracks and dormitories, this 17" x 22" poster series includes 12 different posters so you can switch them out each month.

Field Guide Poster Series

Around the World
Cartoon Poster Series

That Guy has been spotted causing a drunken ruckus
all around the globe. From making a fool of himself at Oktoberfest in Germany to blowing his paycheck while blitzed in Vegas, this new cartoon poster series features consequences of excessive drinking in various CONUS and OCONUS locations. Packaged in sets of 15, you will receive one poster of each cartoon/location design in 8.5" x 11". If you liked the original That Guy cartoon designs, you'll love the That Guy Around the World cartoons!

Around the World Cartoon Poster Series

Anatomy of That Girl
and That Guy Posters

From That Guy's black eye to That Girl's drama-filled tears, the Anatomy of That Guy and Anatomy of That Girl posters highlight the many consequences of having too many drinks during a night out on the town. Each poster is 19.5" x 39" and comes in a combined set of 10 (five of each That Guy and That Girl design).

Anatomy of That Girl and That Guy Posters

More That Girl
Materials than Ever

Anyone risks becoming That Guy after one too many drinks. And yes, that includes women too! Reach your installation's junior enlisted female population with all new That Girl-specific materials that focus on consequences most relatable to women. This includes a new take on the classic "Evolution of That Guy" poster now featuring That Girl in a 22" x 17" poster.

That Girl Materials
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New Deck of Playing Cards

The That Guy playing cards are one of the campaign's most popular items and we are excited to debut a brand new design (blue package)! This new deck features characters from the That Guy Field Guide poster series. Also, don't forget about the "Reasons NOT to be That Guy" (red package) and "You Might Be That Guy If…" (brown package) playing card sets, which are still available for order. Playing cards are a great addition to common rooms, recreation centers, and pre or post-deployment packages.

Playing Cards

Faces of That Guy Magnets

Some of That Guy's most memorable, embarrassing drunken faces are now featured on magnets! Perfect for distribution at special events, these square magnets come in a set of 32.

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In partnership with Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS), the That Guy team produced 11 new public service announcements (PSAs) that are airing OCONUS on the Armed Forces Network and CONUS on DOD News. The humorous "man/woman on the street" PSAs feature real people sharing stories about their negative encounters with That Guy and That Girl. Watch all 11 spots on the That Guy YouTube Channel. If you would like to use the PSAs at your installation, contact the That Guy team at [email protected].