Plan your installation's 2017 That Guy Campaign and Order New Materials!

Prevent Binge Drinking Online and Offline Every Month of the Year

To help prevent excessive drinking among junior service members, it is important to create an annual installation-level That Guy/That Girl campaign distribution plan that promotes binge drinking prevention marketing materials each month of the year. In addition, every calendar year, the That Guy campaign develops new prevention marketing materials – including the brand new 2017 That Guy “Note to Drunk Self” pocket calendar – and digital content to generate awareness, shift attitudes, and reduce binge drinking among junior service members.

To assist POCs with their annual That Guy prevention planning efforts in 2017, the campaign has created a new downloadable 12-Month That Guy Campaign Installation Marketing Plan and complementary 12-Month That Guy Campaign Social Media Content Calendar.

12-Month Installation Marketing Plan

The 12-Month That Guy Campaign Installation Marketing Plan is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to successfully implement and sustain the That Guy campaign in the most effective way at your installation. This plan can be tailored to your installation’s needs and includes a detailed implementation strategy as well as recommendations for specific marketing materials to use each month to reach junior service members where they live, work, and play.

12-Month Social Media Content Calendar

The 12-Month That Guy Social Media Content Calendar is the ideal tool to help you successfully implement the That Guy campaign online through your installation’s social media channels and/or website. The calendar provides suggested images for each month with accompanying copy to post on installation social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By using this content calendar and implementing the That Guy campaign at your installation, you can effectively reach junior service members in the online environment where they spend much of their free time.

2017 That Guy Pocket Calendar

The brand new 2017 That Guy “Note to Drunk Self” pocket calendar features images and messages that showcase the concept of what That Guy or That Girl would say to him/herself after witnessing his/her own drunken, embarrassing behavior. This new creative concept was tested with junior service members who confirmed the style is compelling, realistic, and relevant. The 2017 That Guy “Note to Drunk Self” pocket calendar is the perfect binge drinking prevention material for events, in/out processing centers, and deployment packages... not to mention kicking off your That Guy/That Girl prevention efforts in the new year!

Give Us Your Feedback!

To help us better implement the campaign at installations around the world, we ask that you take a few moments to participate in a short survey. Your feedback is critical to the success of this campaign! There is no risk to you for taking part. Rest assured that your participation is voluntary and confidential. This survey is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. Thank you in advance for your feedback.