Five more years of That Guy!

We all have reason to celebrate this holiday season as we are proud and excited to announce: Five more years of That Guy! The Department of Defense/TRICARE Management Activity recently awarded a five year contract to extend That Guy into 2015! Since its inception in 2006, the campaign has focused on accomplishing three objectives among the target audience: (1) raise awareness of excessive drinking and its consequences; (2) shift attitudes about the acceptability of binge drinking; and (3) help reduce binge drinking among junior enlisted personnel ages 18 to 24.

So how does That Guy stack up?

RAISING AWARENESS: Since its start in 2006, That Guy has now reached a 44 percent awareness level.* The campaign is active in 550 installations and has collected more than a million visitors, and nearly 3,000 POCs are helping deploy the campaign.

REDUCING BINGE DRINKING: Overall, among enlisted ages 17 to 24, binge drinking dropped from 51 percent in 2005 to only 46 percent in 2008 (across Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines), according to the 2008 Health Related Behaviors Survey results. What's more impressive, the findings show that the binge drinking rate was 11 percent lower among all participating installations overall versus those installations that had little or no involvement in the campaign (38 percent vs. 49 percent).

* According to the recently released DMDC Status of Forces report.

That Guy Gains Fans

Approximately 80 percent of 18 to 24 year olds in the U.S. have a Facebook account. And, according to That Guy focus group testing, Facebook is an integral part of the lives and activities of the junior enlisted. Government agencies and campaigns across all branches of the military have embraced Facebook and in February 2010, the campaign launched a That Guy Fan Page at Facebook allows the campaign to directly connect with the target audience and deliver critical messages in an environment where they are spending much of their time and communicating with their peers. The page allows E1-E4's to share stories, resources, and build a community that emphasizes the message that drinking to excess is not cool.

That Guy Facebook Page is Going Strong

  • Nearly 14,000 fans
  • We have integrated applications into the page, including the popular Are You That Guy? Quiz
  • Fans provide the page with videos, photos, comments and more
  • Our page continues to grow and refer traffic to the, bringing in around 1,800 users a month

Help Us Keep it Growing!

Get involved by adding That Guy as a "favorite page" on your installation's fan page, or share the link to the campaign Web site by clicking the "Link" button at the top of your page and typing in

Where in the World is That Guy?

More than 550 installations, ships and fleets have engaged in the campaign across 42 states and 13 countries, including:

  • United States
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Singapore
  • Cuba
  • Guam
  • South Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Honduras
  • Iraq


Thanks to all of our POCs who help make That Guy a worldwide success. This month we are spotlighting two standout events that show That Guy in action! Keeping full-body fitness top of mind, two running events recently featured That Guy to help keep soldiers on course.

That Guy on the base

Working with Julie Howard, Semper Fit Health Promotion at MCAS Miramar hosted a "Don't be That Guy" 5K run on Thursday, October 21st.

With support from 39th Air Base Wing Commander Col. Eric Beene, Incirlik Air Base (Adana, Turkey) kicked off That Guy support this October with a community placed banner hanging over their monthly Wing Run. Throughout the next year, That Guy public service announcements will be broadcast on the radio and Incirlik AB's American Forces Network, coasters and posters will be displayed at the consolidated club and clubs off base, and That Guy materials will be distributed.

Beene was recently quoted in a U.S. Airforce Web site article saying, "This campaign is not about telling Airmen not to drink; it's about encouraging Airmen to make responsible choices and to have a plan in place if they choose to drink."

In their own words.

Here are just some of the ways That Guy is making a mark and raising awareness:

"I was talking to a patient here in ADAPT the other day about his drinking habits and he mentioned not wanting to be 'that guy' so I know the message is getting where it needs to be."
– SSgt Orson Ricks, ADAPT at Sheppard AFB, TX

"[That Guy] has actually become common terminology in our troops' vocabulary. I constantly hear comments such as 'no, we can't hang out because you are soooo That Guy' or 'you were all cool until you went all "That Guy" on us.' It's actually quite hilarious how they have incorporated it in their everyday lives."
– Carmen Torres-Reyes, BOSS President at Fort Sill, OK

"We had people [review the materials], including the Base Commander, and they were first surprised that we were able to get everything for free. They were also very impressed with the material because they feel it speaks to the younger generations on a level that they can understand and relate with."
– PV2 Audrey Hamilton, BOSS Coordinator, Army, Saudi Arabia

"Just want to pass along that these messages go over extremely well with our younger population, mind you I also hear chuckles from the older folks as well. Amazing how most people know of 'that guy' or 'that girl.' The playing cards get the best response... We often send them out with our deploying troops; seen as a little entertainment while out in the field. Thanks again."
– Michelle Smith, Health Promotion Coordinator, Naval Hospital Oak Harbor

That Guy in action

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