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As summer safety initiatives continue, the That Guy campaign has everything you need to support your binge drinking prevention efforts now and into the fall!

To ensure campaign messages have the highest level of awareness among the junior enlisted E1-E4 target population at your installation, the That Guy campaign team has identified the most effective locations to place That Guy binge drinking prevention materials on a consistent, monthly basis. To be most effective, That Guy requires a “surround sound” marketing approach to reach junior service members where they live, work, and play.

To help you and your teams determine the most popular locations to display and rotate That Guy materials, we’ve developed the following Top 10 That Guy campaign locations list to ensure your installation is achieving the maximum level of awareness. This Top 10 locations list was developed through direct feedback from junior service members and POCs highly engaged with the That Guy campaign.

  1. Barracks/Dorms – Hang any of the That Guy Monthly Poster Series in entryways and hallways and place playing cards in common rooms
  2. Front Gate – Place large or small That Guy window clings on the front gate security windows
  3. Restrooms & Stalls in Buildings Frequented by Junior Service Members – Hang mini posters (8.5” x 11”) above urinals or on stall doors or place window cling on mirrors
  4. Base Exchange – Place small window clings on windows or doors and place table tents in food courts
  5. Class VI/Shoppette – Place window clings on glass doors where alcohol is sold and add cartoon booklets or key chains in check-out bags
  6. Fitness & Recreation Centers – Hang banners or posters in entryways and in locker rooms
  7. On Installation Bars & Clubs – Use coasters at the bar, place table tents on bar/table tops, or put up posters in bathroom stalls
  8. Movie Theater – Play campaign PSAs before R-rated movies
  9. Bowling Center – Rotate That Guy graphics on bowling score screens, use bar coasters, and place table tents on table tops
  10. Off Installation Bars & Clubs Frequented by Junior Service Members – Visit local bars where the junior enlisted are drinking and provide bar manager with bar coasters and posters

In addition to these Top 10 locations, any special events that take place on your installation throughout the year are always excellent opportunities to insert binge drinking prevention messaging in recreational settings (which campaign research shows is most effective). All available That Guy giveaways, posters, graphics, and more can be found on the That Guy Resources Website.

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