Using digital channels to promote That Guy is one of the most effective (and cost effective!) ways to create awareness of the campaign with the junior enlisted audience. In fact, both the That Guy Facebook page and website,, remain among the top overall awareness drivers.

Graphics and imagery found on the That Guy POC Resource Site can be used on various digital channels. Below we describe how to promote That Guy on these channels.



  • Work with the That Guy POC team to obtain a suggested Facebook editorial calendar along with images to accompany each post to generate monthly awareness
  • Share status updates from the official That Guy Facebook page on relevant installation Facebook pages (e.g., MWR Facebook page, single service member Facebook page).
  • Use That Guy graphics and text as content for other installation social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

For more ideas on digital activities that you can implement at your installation, download the Digital Marketing Guide at

Need help? Not to worry, our team can work with you to format images to ensure they fit proportionally to the screens at your installation. Contact the That Guy team at [email protected] for more information.

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