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ALERT! We encourage you to create your own That Guy materials to support the campaign using artwork you can download by going to However, please note that the That Guy logo is a DoD registered trademark, and there are some restrictions on its use. Importantly, trademark restrictions indicate that the That Guy logo cannot be co-branded with any other logo or organization name. Contact us if you have any questions about That Guy materials you may be producing or read the online style guide for more information.

That Guy Logo


Congratulations and sincerest thanks to our most recent That Guy Champions who have been tirelessly promoting the campaign around the world!

Heather Robinson, Lisa Velez and Crystal Malloy at USAG Kaiserslautern in Germany created T-shirts and passed out That Guy posters and giveaway items at their recent BOSS Super Bowl party.

That Guy Giveaways

Pictured above (on right), Velez and Malloy display That Guy T-shirts, among other materials for the event.


Here are just some of the ways That Guy is making a mark and raising awareness:

“The Marines’ favorite That Guy item continues to be the playing cards. We gave almost all of them away during [an] event in December. I continue to pass out posters to the unit representatives and I am considering passing them out at other events as well. In addition, our base theater runs the video PSAs during the pre-show and our marketing department has linked some of the PSAs to their Facebook page and Youtube channel.”

Christopher Lee, CPS, ADC II MCAS Yuma

“The campaign is going great here in Bamberg, Germany. The younger soldiers love the coasters, cards and the mini posters. Sometimes the soldiers will see the That Guy posters and immediately start calling out names of their buddies or other guys that have recently been That Guy.”

Tonya Hancock, USAG Bamberg, Germany

“I am very excited about your campaign materials. Here at the fitness center we try to keep materials on hand at all times to promote healthy lifestyles and of course alcohol is a big issue on Marine bases. Thanks so much for your support.”

Whitney Hendrix, Fitness Director, MCLB Albany


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